How To Mint Luxury Green Lands:

1)Choose the quantity you would like to mint.(Max 18 lands per transaction ,No limit For Transactions)

1 Luxury Green Land – 40 ADA
2 Luxury Green Lands – 80 ADA
3 Luxury Green Lands – 120 ADA
4 Luxury Green Lands – 160 ADA
5 Luxury Green Lands – 200 ADA
6 Luxury Green Lands – 240 ADA
7 Luxury Green Lands – 280 ADA
8 Luxury Green Lands – 320 ADA
9 Luxury Green Lands(Estate) – 360 ADA
18 Luxury Green Lands(2 Estates) – 720 ADA

2) Send the EXACT amount of ADA to the wallet address below.

Address :

3) Wait to receive the lands into your wallet.

Second Option To Mint Luxury Green Lands:
connect Your Wallet With

(Max 18 Lands Per Transaction, No Limit For Transactions)

Click On The Link Below To Mint 1 Luxury Green Land:

3 Luxury Green Lands:

6 Luxury Green Lands:

9 Luxury Green Lands:

18 Luxury Green Lands:

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